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Women's Yoga, Activewear & Workout Clothes

Finding the right active wear is important for your movement practice. The right yoga, pole, climbing clothes, even aerial silks clothing ensures you get through even the toughest sessions without having to readjust or feel uncomfortable. That’s why Ladybase Love strives to lead the way in athletic wear in Canada for women and men. The garments have been tailored with features to ensure you look and feel great whether you’re a beginner or seasoned in your movement practice.

For all these reasons Ladybase Love is the place to shop. All our pieces can easily be mixed and matched together or with what you already have in your wardrobe.

Medium build woman wearing thin black top and leggings


When choosing acrobatic yoga clothes, yoga clothes for women or really any clothes for movement; one of the key things to think about is whether your clothing will move with your body. Clothing not designed for functional movement will ultimately restrict your performance and comfort.

At Ladybase Love, all our apparel is designed to bend, stretch, breath and flow easily creating clothing that’s super flattering and feels great.

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Group of men and women wearing yoga pants and yoga shorts and tops.

Yoga pants and leggings for women and men

Our leggings are especially flattering featuring one of a kind illustrated art with the option of a regular or high waist design to fit all torso lengths. Ladybase Love also offers unisex pants that are great for both men and women looking for comfort, flexibility and effortless style.

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Medium build woman wearing fitted pink fitted crop top with high neck.

The perfect tank tops for women

Our tops are not only designed for yoga, but are great aerial skills performance wear and pole dancing outfits. The beautiful and functional designs are not limited to any specific type of movement class, you can dress them up or down, even for a night out on the town. The fabrics are soft and non-irritating on the skin.

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Medium build woman wearing fitted black cotton yoga crop top and velvet shorts.

Yoga shorts for dance and acrobatic movement

We offer the same comfort, style and flexibility with our shorts. These are also offered in regular and high waist with fun, original patterns with breathable, and durable fabrics.

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Slim woman wearing high cut shorts and long sleeve black yoga top.

Long sleeve tops for women.

These longer sleeved tops offer a nice layering addition for more coverage, especially for those living in colder climates. These tops are better than your average long sleeve tops.

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Women wearing yoga fitted jumpsuit with adjustable strings in the back.

Onesie and bodysuits

These pieces are functional and stylish for your movement practice and everyday wear. The fabrics are non-irritating for maximum comfort and movement.

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Yoga wear for women from beginners to masters

Ladybase Love’s range in movement apparel wear is perfect for all levels of practitioners. Our clothes are lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear. The high performance fabrics can endure the toughest Vinyasa classes and continuous use for years to come.

Womens Yoga Clothes & Apparel you can Wear outside the Studio

Why limit your fitness apparel to your movement practice. You want active clothing that you can wear while running errands, grabbing coffee, or any leisurely activities. That’s why Ladybase Love has worked hard to create versatile and functional clothing for women and men. Clothing that can be worn as aerial yoga clothes, climbing clothes for women, even pole fitness clothes.

Take our pants and leggings for women and men. They come in a range of styles, from floral to abstract prints giving you the perfect outfit to strike a pose on the yoga mat. Their superior design and performance means you can wear these pants from your yoga class to a dance class, or even to the grocery store, looking great the whole time. Our women’s shorts are versatile for the summer, music festivals and all types of movement practice. They also come in fun materials like velvet fabric. 

Our Ethical & Sustainable Yoga Clothing helps you Look and Feel Good

People are becoming increasingly conscious about the environmental impact of the clothes they purchase. Shopping for sustainable apparel doesn’t have to sacrifice style. Yoga Wear and movement wear can be sustainable.

Ladybase Love strives for fair trade business practices to create the most ethical clothing brand. We do this by sourcing as many sustainable fabrics, such as organic cotton and more natural fabrics. We also use compostable shipping carriers in an effort to reduce packaging waste.

Our sustainable apparel is not only ethical and eco-friendly, it is made to last. Our yoga pants are made in Canada from durable and high performance material, which is tried and tested. As we strive to create an ethical clothing business, especially yoga wear in Canada we are continually looking to improve our environmental footprint by the materials we choose and how they are manufactured. To ensure that we don’t have excess products contributing to the fast fashion problem we have created limited edition pieces that allow for smaller batches. Our eco-conscious athletic wear for women and men are designed to last, to be worn again and again.

Stylish Yoga Clothes for Women, Canada-Designed and Ethically Made

When you are shopping and looking for versatility, ranging from pole fitness clothes, comfortable basics or yoga apparel, why not support a small brand in Canada started by female entrepreneurs? We believe Ladybase Love is special because it is women designing for women. Our passion comes from our own personal experience as avid practitioners and as a teacher. You won’t be able to find such unique pieces that are perfect to add to your everyday wardrobe or worn as pole fit clothing, a dance ensemble or any movement related activity.  

Make Life Easier by Ordering our Women's Yoga Clothes Online

Looking to buy movement apparel? Ladybase Love is available online and ships worldwide. Browse our online shop and social media feed to view our range of shorts, yoga pants and tank tops for women. Order online today.


What is the Best Clothing to Wear to Yoga?

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The best movement apparel is breathable and durable for any physically demanding class. Most women’s legging found in Canada and Internationally are not as breathable and durable. It is important to invest in apparel that are made from soft non-irritating fabrics that allow you to focus on your practice so you can feel good in your skin.

What is the Best Fabric for Yoga Clothes?

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The best movement apparel is breathable and durable for any physically demanding class. Most women’s legging found in Canada and Internationally are not as breathable and durable. It is important to invest in apparel that are made from soft non-irritating fabrics that allow you to focus on your practice so you can feel good in your skin.

What should you not wear to Yoga Class?

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Clothing and or fabrics that constrict movement without full coverage will hinder your practice. The versatility, functionality and wear ability of the clothes allows you to wear them not only as yoga clothes, but pole dance clothes, aerial silks clothing or even climbing clothes for women and men. It is important to find non-irritating fabrics that don’t constrict movement while offering full coverage for your movement practice.

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