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Women's Yoga, Activewear & Workout Clothes

Choosing the right yoga clothes is important, as it ensures you get through even the toughest sessions without having to readjust or feel uncomfortable. That’s why Ladybase Love has created yoga clothes for women that have been designed by women, with lots of features to ensure you look and feel great whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned yogini.

Women’s Yoga Clothes Designed to Move with your Body

When you are choosing women’s yoga clothes, one of the key things to think about is whether your clothing will move with your body. Clothing that’s too baggy can get in the way, while anything too tight is restrictive and can stop you achieving certain poses.

At Ladybase Love, our women’s yoga apparel is designed to bend, stretch, breathe and flow easily, so you can focus on your breathing and getting the poses right, rather than constantly tugging at your clothes. Yoga wear for women needs to fit you perfectly, which is why we’ve focused on creating clothing that’s super flattering and looks and feels great.

Our range of yoga wear for women includes:

  • Yoga pants, tights and leggings – created in both regular and high waist fits, these leggings are really comfortable and flattering to wear, and they come in lots of cute styles
  • Women's yoga workout tops – many women focus on finding the perfect yoga pants, but then pair it with a top that’s too baggy or rides up during their classes. Our yoga tops are designed not only to match our pants perfectly, but also to stay out of the way during a yoga session and fit comfortably
  • Yoga shorts – many yoga clothing brands don’t stock shorts, yet they can be a great alternative to yoga pants. With the rise in popularity of types of hot yoga class, shorts can be more practical, and some women prefer to wear them as you get better grip with bare legs in certain poses

When you are trying to find the best yoga clothes for women, Ladybase Love is the place to shop. It’s easy to create a women's yoga clothing set with matching pieces, or to mix and match and find pieces that complement each other.

Yoga Wear for Women from Beginners to Masters

Ladybase Love’s range in yoga wear is perfect for all levels of yoga. Our yoga clothes are so lightweight and comfortable to wear that you won’t be self-conscious or thinking about your clothes, even as a beginner.

Women who’ve done yoga for years, or teach it for a living, love our womens yoga wear. It’s so stretchy, it won’t get in the way of the most complex poses. The high performance fabrics can endure the toughest Vinyasa classes and continuous use for years to come.

Womens Yoga Clothes & Apparel you can Wear outside the Studio

Let’s face it, a lot of women's fitness and yoga apparel isn’t just worn to class. You want clothing that you can wear while running errands, grabbing coffee, hiking or doing any active or leisurely activities. That’s why Ladybase Love has worked hard to create women's yoga clothing that can be worn inside and out of the yoga studio.

Take our yoga pants for women – they come in a range of prints, from florals to abstract, which will make you want to pose on the yoga mat. Their superior design and performance means you can wear these pants from your yoga class to a dance class, or even to the grocery store, looking great the whole time. Why not take a look at our women’s yoga shorts, they are not only for summer, but also for festivals and year round in your practice! They also come in lots of cute styles, like even in a velvet fabric.

Our Ethical & Sustainable Yoga Clothing helps you Look and Feel Good

People are becoming increasingly conscious about the environmental impact of the clothes they wear, so when you shop for yoga apparel, you’ll want to know you’re making a good choice.

Ladybase Love strives for fair trade business practices to create the most ethical yoga clothing brand. We do this by sourcing as many sustainable fabrics, such as organic cotton and more natural fabrics. Our yoga apparel is more than just an apparel company.

Our sustainable sports fashion is not only ethical and eco-friendly, it is made to last. Our yoga pants are durable and made for high performance activity because of our quality selection of fabrics. As we strive to create ethical yoga clothing, we are able to produce with higher standards. Our eco-conscious athletic wear for women is designed to last for a long time and be worn again and again. And keep a look out for our limited edition pieces and women's yoga clothes sale.

Stylish Yoga Clothes for Women, Canada-Designed and Ethically Made

When you are shopping for women’s yoga wear in Canada, why not support a small brand that was started by female entrepreneurs? While there’s stiff competition among Canadian yoga clothing brands, we believe Ladybase Love is special because it was started by women and creates yoga clothes made for a woman’s body. Our passion for this activity means we can create women’s yoga clothing in Canada that fits its purpose, so you can feel confident when you wear our clothes.

Make Life Easier by Ordering our Women's Yoga Clothes Online

Looking to buy women’s yoga clothes? Canada-based Ladybase Love is the ideal brand, no matter what your skill level. We offer simple yet cute women’s yoga wear in Canada, and it’s easy to browse our range of pants, shorts and tops, order online and get them delivered to your door.


What is the Best Clothing to Wear to Yoga?

The best women’s yoga clothes are those that allow you to stretch and move easily without feeling self-conscious. Finding the right fit allows you to take your mind off the clothes and to focus on your breath. Women's activewear like our pair of yoga pants, tops and shorts are ideal for those starting and already established in their movement practice.

What is the Best Fabric for Yoga Clothes?

The best yoga clothes are breathable and durable for any physically demanding class. It is important to invest in women’s yoga apparel that are made from soft non-irritating fabrics, that not allow you to focus on your practice, but feel good on your skin.

What should you not wear to Yoga Class?

It’s important to wear suitable yoga clothes, so you can concentrate on the class rather than your clothing. Any styles that constrict movement, that don’t have full coverage, or restricts the mid sections will hinder your practice.

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