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Women's Yoga & Workout Tops: Tanks, Leotards & Hoodies

Ladybase Love is a small business with a focus on being eco-friendly and fair-trade. Shopping at Ladybase Love for your perfect ladies yoga tops not only allows you to support a local Canadian business and minimize your ecological impact, but also the entrepreneurship of two women in business who are both active and deeply passionate in the mindful, movement and artistic practice of yoga.

The ethos of Ladybase Love is to create an eco-conscious product, from the production and printing process, to fair wages, quality control, and supporting local businesses. Ladybase Love is more than just a womens yoga apparel company.

Our Canadian brand is the Best choice for Womens Yoga Tank Tops Online

Ladybase Love’s interest in yoga began in 2009 when they attended their first yoga class. With their experience and knowledge, the tops were designed to be more than sleeveless yoga tops and have slowly become some of the best yoga tops in Canada.

The inspiration behind the products was to create functional and fun yoga tops for women with soft non-irritating fabrics for the skin. The yoga tank tops were designed to be more than sexy yoga tops or cute yoga tops. Ladybase Love designed the tops to create functional, but stylish pieces.

These tops are better than your best yoga tops you can find online and the best part is they can be worn outside any yoga class or movement oriented class.

Made for Movement, more than Your Perfect Yoga Tops.

At Ladybase Love our tops are designed for movement and built to last, they are more than just yoga tops for women. These unique sleeveless designs are great for any movement practice, whether it is for a yoga class, rock climbing, dance or any type of calisthenics. The design allows for maximum movement with maximum comfort.

The fabric is soft and non-irritating and the clever higher neckline ensures full coverage for your cleavage for maximum hold and comfort. Our Racerback yoga top style is especially a favorite of our customers because the corset style back allows each individual to adjust the strings in the back for the best fit.

The sleeveless design also contributes to breathability and the overall sleek design. These ladies yoga tops are perfect for any woman and their movement practice looking for style and functionality, they are more than just sleeveless yoga tops.

Yoga Tops
Yoga Tops Online

More than Yoga Tanks to Wear with Yoga Pants

These are all-round yoga tanks that cannot only be paired with yoga pants or yoga shorts, but your favorite high waist shorts, skirts or jeans and even leather jacket.

We created our womens yoga tanks to be versatile by offering a huge color range in earthy and neutral tones without overcomplicated patterns and distracting designs. For those looking for a little extra pizzazz, our yoga tanks also come in metallic and velvet materials perfect for those nights out dancing or for all those performers in pole dancing, acro and circus needing a little some daring and eye catching on stage.

Some of our most popular yoga tank top designs are irreversible, offering two different color option, two styles in one, for a super cute look not limited to fitness yoga or class.

Our ladies yoga tank tops are designed as workout apparel that you can wear in your day-to-day life so you can effortlessly transition from a movement class to street style.

These are Low Maintenance & Low Fuss Yoga Tank Tops, Crop Tops and Workout Tops

These highly regarded yoga tops are not only super cute and versatile, but easy to wear and easy to take care of. The functionality and low maintenance care of the tops does not waiver the style.

The yoga tank tops higher neck line and soft cotton fabric can serve as a great basic, paired with a cardigan or an oversized sweater or even under a t-shirt. Beyond their great design and wear ability as as yoga tops for women or any active wear top, these tops are machine washable and are made to last. No muss and no fuss tops.

Browse our Range of Movement and Yoga Workout Tops Available Online Throughout Canada

When you search for yoga tank tops Canada, you will find our Canadian made brand offering a huge collection that can meet your needs. At, you can browse and buy a huge variety of tops that pair well with our yoga shorts and yoga pants or any other item in your closet.

When you’re looking for active/movement tops, online shopping can be daunting to find the quality and the style. At Ladybase Love we have designed our womens yoga tops to the highest standards, so they look and feel great to wear. Shop today to find your perfect top from Ladybase Love. The yoga tank tops are not your typical sports wear; you will be sure to stand out in your next yoga class or movement class.


What is the difference between yoga top and normal T-Shirt ?

Our tops are more than yoga work out tops. You get the comfort and ease of wearing and taking care of a t-shirt, but in a sleeveless design that is stylish and figure flattering. These might just be the best yoga tops to wear with yoga pants you will wear in and outside a yoga class, fitness class, or a night out on the town with your favorite leather jacket.

What top should I wear for yoga?

All of our sleeveless designs are great for any yoga class or movement class. These are the best yoga tops because you can get full range of motion and comfort at the same time. Our tops will not ride up or hinder your practice and are a great pairing with our yoga leggings and yoga shorts.

What are the benefits of wearing a yoga top?

Our designs not only give you a stylish look, but our sleeveless design is created for full cleavage coverage, there is no possibility of women fearing of ‘falling out’ or even having to constantly readjust during any type of fitness/movement or yoga class. Our tops are especially suited for a yoga class because they are designed to fit and sit on your body so there is more ease in your practice, these might be best yoga tops for you.

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