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Women's Yoga & Fitted Workout Shorts

Our range of yoga shorts are just as well-designed and constructed as our yoga pants. Designed by women, for women, these yoga shorts have the advantage of being both stylish and comfortable with lots of features that make them perfect for yoga class. While our range has been designed to use as yoga shorts, women use them for all types of activities, from going to the gym, hiking, and any type of movement class such as dance. Even our velvet range of shorts are versatile enough to wear on a night out or at a festival.

Yoga Shorts Women Adore from Ladybase Love

Yoga Shorts

There are lots of reasons why when it comes to yoga shorts, women should choose Ladybase Love. We’re a female-led company started by two yoga-loving entrepreneurs who wanted to create a range of perfect yoga apparel. With that in mind, our yoga shorts were created with a number of features:

  • A camel-toe proof design – nothing is worse than getting a frontal wedgie halfway through your yoga class. Our yoga shorts don’t bunch or ride up and stay in place through even through the toughest yoga classes
  • Comfortable fabrics – we’ve chosen breathable fabrics that ensure you don’t feel hot or sweaty during your classes
  • A choice of waistbands – we offer both regular and high waisted shorts to allow you to get the amount of coverage you want

Our shorts can be adjusted for full coverage, or can be pulled up slightly for the popular cheeky look.

The Best Hot Yoga Shorts for Women who want to Sweat it out in Style

One reason why you may be looking for women’s fitted workout shorts could be due to the rise in popularity of hot yoga. As the name implies, this takes place in a heated room, so hot yoga shorts for women are often favoured over yoga pants to stay comfortable.

There are several types of hot yoga that have become extremely popular, from Bikram to Baptiste Power Vinyasa and Moksha. If you’re going to try one of these classes and are looking for the best yoga shorts for women, then Ladybase Love has you covered. Our hot yoga shorts for women are made to cope with high temperatures and designed to fit and not constrict. If you’re looking for women’s workout short shorts for this kind of class, then our yoga shorts are the ideal choice.

Yoga Shorts Online

Women’s Fitted Workout Shorts are Great for Active Days

A good pair of women’s fitted workout shorts will take you from gym to the coffee shop and are also suitable for use on all sorts of active days. At Ladybase Love, we design women’s workout short shorts that are stylish and comfortable enough to wear for whatever you are doing, such as:

  • A fitness class – these workout shorts for women are ideal for all sorts of high impact activities and won’t get in the way
  • Any sort of movement classes – from a dance class to Pole Dancing to Zumba or something with lots of stretching like Pilates, these shorts will stay in place no matter what you do
  • Running – our customers have told us that these are the ideal running shorts for women, as they are so light and comfortable, so won’t get in the way
  • Lounging – you don’t have to be on the go to appreciate our women’s fitted workout shorts. They’re just as comfy to wear on rest days

Our workout shorts for women have many uses, so you’ll no doubt find you end up wearing them more than you think.

Choose Women’s Yoga Shorts in Lots of styles

While some people simply want some women’s black yoga shorts, we have tried to stock a range of women’s yoga shorts to suit different styles and ensure you look great while you work out. From our website, you can buy women’s yoga shorts online in a variety of fabrics and designs that give you the look you want.

We offer abstract prints, florals and even velvet women’s yoga shorts in different designs providing something for everyone. It’s easy to find workout legging shorts that suit your style, whether you like being understated, or like to make an impression at your yoga class.

We Don't Just Design Womens Yoga Shorts at Ladybase Love

While you may have found Ladybase Love while searching for the best yoga shorts for women, we don’t just sell ladies’ yoga shorts. When you buy women’s yoga shorts online at Ladybase Love, be sure to check out the rest of our range. Our yoga pants for women are popular during the cooler months, either for workouts or day to day wear, and you can expect the same high quality and wide range as our women’s workout shorts.

It’s also easy to pair your women’s exercise shorts with one of our women’s yoga tops to create an entire outfit for yoga or other activities. Much like our workout shorts for women, these tops have been designed not only to be flattering, but to be practical to wear for yoga class. They are easy to adjust, don’t ride up and are also made from breathable, eco-friendly fabrics, so perfectly complement our shorts.

Shop Online for the Best Womens Yoga Shorts in Canada at Ladybase Love

Browse our range of women’s yoga shorts online and place your order today. As a Canadian company, you can shop with confidence and you can be sure that your workout legging shorts are made to the highest standards. With free shipping on orders over $100, Ladybase Love is a great place to buy women’s fitted yoga shorts.


What are Women’s Yoga Shorts?

Yoga shorts are basically just a shorter version of yoga pants, usually made in the same sort of fabrics and with a similar fit. When you find specially designed women’s yoga shorts, they will be designed to stay in place with the best fit.

What are the Best Fabrics for Yoga Shorts?

When it comes to yoga shorts, women often recommend looking for breathable, stretchy materials. But more importantly, the design and cut of the pattern will compliment the fabric ensuring the most ideal women’s shorts.

Can I use Yoga Shorts for other Activities?

Most women's short yoga pants are also suitable for a range of other activities. From Pilates to acroyoga or running, even on the dance floor at a festival. The stretchiness and breathability of yoga shorts makes them ideal for all sorts of physical activities. They’re also comfy enough to wear on lazy days, especially in the summer.

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